#ChampionMom - Having a Happy, Healthy Home this August

By: christineh Monday August 6, 2018 comments

August is always a strange time of year: it’s those “dog days of summer” when the hours seem longer, and the hot weather can be its most stifling.  But it’s also the downside of summer when the school year approaches and moms start looking at the first day with a glint in their eyes.  And right around the corner, we know that fall is coming with its cooler temperatures. 

This August, take time to enjoy the end of the summer but think about getting your home ready for the school year.  With that in mind, here’s a list of some simple tasks:

Clean Out The Refrigerator

This is the perfect time to tackle a refrigerator that probably hasn’t had a good scrubbing in a few months (or longer).  If you are like us, the summer has been an endless parade of kids grabbing snacks and leftovers moving in and out of the fridge.  So take it all out, throw out what isn’t needed or is past its expiration date, and then scrub it from top to bottom.


Dust is always a problem, but with kids going in and out of the house during the day, it has an opportunity to accumulate a little more.  Additionally, ceiling fans going full blast tend to stir the dust up a little more and aggravate allergies.  So, start with the ceilings and work your way down to the baseboards, dusting off everything in between.

Clean the Foyer

Regardless of what you call it (foyer, mudroom, etc.), the entranceway to your house can quickly become cluttered.  With fall coming up and rains coming in, it can soon become a real mudroom.  So take some time to spruce up this area and get it cleaned now before it gets out of hand.


If you are planning one last trip out of town before the summer ends, then you need to make sure that all of your doors and windows are fully secured, and your exterior lights work.  The summer is prime time for thieves since they know many houses will be empty and vulnerable targets.

This summer, spend a little bit of time getting your house in order so that you can be at peace knowing it is clean and not affecting your family’s health and safety.  But also be sure to get in some “me time” as the summer days and nights start to wane.

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