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By: christineh Monday August 20, 2018 comments

The debate has raged for years between nature and nurture—whether you are the product of your biology or your upbringing.  Some believe that children are born with naturally creative talents and others think that it is something that can be taught and cultivated in a child.  The reality is probably a mixture of both.  But creativity is definitely a quality that you want to encourage in your children. 

Here are some ways that you can do just that:

Don’t Try To Answer Everything

Children are naturally inquisitive, always asking questions about the world around them.  Don’t try to play the expert and answer all of these questions.  Instead, help them find the answers for themselves by reading or experimentation.  This will encourage them to seek their own answers instead of just expecting someone to hand it to them.

Throw Out The Instruction Manual 

If you buy your child a LEGO set or similar building toy, don’t let them use the instruction manual.  Have them build whatever crazy toy their imagination can come up with.

Avoid Hovering

One thing that can stifle creativity is hovering over a child to prevent them from failing.  If you swoop in and take over before a child can fall, they can’t accept failure as a normal part of human life.  By doing this, they learn to take fewer risks and have their creativity stifled.  Let your child make some mistakes so they can learn from them.

Play Imaginatively

Don’t buy your kid every toy on the market.  Encourage them to make their own playthings.  Don’t buy your child that $20 toy sword, but let them make their own using a stick or an old broom handle.  Allow your child to decide what they want to play and how they want to play at it.

If you take the time to let your child grow and experience things on their own, you will go a long way towards nurturing their creative spirit.  Children are extremely curious about the world around them, so encourage that and let their creativity flow out of them.

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