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By: christineh Tuesday July 3, 2018 comments

The smell of barbecue and the sound of kids splashing in the pool are filling neighborhoods across America as the pinnacle of summer — the Fourth of July — gets nearer.  If you are thinking about what you and your family can do this summer to make Independence Day a memorable one, the good news is that you have a lot of options at your disposal.  Here are some of the best ideas for doing up “Independence Day the Family Way.” 

  • Fireworks and Baseball — If your local community hosts a fireworks event, it should be a fun time that you and your family can check out. But something you can do is combine the fireworks with America’s pastime—baseball.  Many minor league baseball teams will host firework display after their July 4th  The great thing about that is you can see a great game, eat a hot dog, and watch the display from the comfort of your stadium seat while listening to the patriotic musical accompaniment over the stadium’s PA system.
  • Outdoor Games — If the weather is nice for you this Independence Day, head outdoors and have some family competition. This could be a pick-up game of baseball (or just batting some balls around with the kids) or something smaller like horseshoes or everyone’s new favorite game, corn hole.  If you want to cool down at the same time, then go to the dollar store and pick up some balloons for a water balloon fight.
  • Indoor Options — If your July 4th turns rainy, don’t panic. There is plenty to do indoors. How about a patriotic movie night?  For younger kids, one of the best options is 1776.  Before you roll your eyes at this one, it’s a highly accurate movie about the signing of the Declaration of Independence; but it’s also a musical!  The songs are infectious and it features an awesome performance by William Daniels (Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World) as John Adams.
  • Get Cooking — Besides the usual hot dogs and hamburgers, your family can also bond with red, white, and blue patriotic sweets. A simple option would be sugar cookies that you can easily add food coloring to for that All-American feel.  You can also add multi-colored sprinkles to brownies, ice cream, or other sweet treats.

This Fourth of July, make sure to spend time with what truly makes America great—friends and family.  These simple suggestions will hopefully give you some ideas on how you can make this year’s holiday a great one.

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