#ChampionMom - Beat the Heat, Fun Water Games for Summer

By: christineh Monday July 16, 2018 comments

If you are one of the lucky ones, hopefully, you have a swimming pool in your backyard to keep you cool this summer.  But even with a pool, chances are you may still hear that annoying cry of "Mom, I'm bored."  If you are looking for a way to use your pool and keep your kids occupied, one great way to do this is with fun water games for the pool.

Here are a few popular new games along with a classic favorite that will keep your family and friends cool and happy this summer.

Marco Polo

You can’t beat a classic like this one.  For the uninitiated, the rules are simple: it’s tag in a swimming pool.  Whoever is “It” has to keep their eyes closed and can only call out “Marco.”  All of the people in the pool must then answer “Polo” and the person who is “It” has to use the sound of their voices to tag one of them and make them the new “It.”

Beach Ball Race and Demolition Derby

Here are two variations on the same idea.  For this, you will need a large beach ball for each person competing.  Have them balance themselves on top of the ball and lock their arms in place.  They will then race from one end of the pool to the other with the first person reaching the wall being the winner.  If they lose their balance, you can either make them climb back on top on the spot or assess a foul and go back to the starting line. 

A variation of this is the demolition derby.  Have the kids balance on top, lock their arms around the beach ball and then swim towards each other.  If they knock their opponent off or make them touch the wall of the pool, then that person is out.

Water Sprinkler Freeze Tag

If you don’t have a pool, you can still have fun in the water.  Get your sprinkler out and have the kids play old-fashioned tag in the yard while you supervise the water sprinkler.  When you yell “Freeze,” everyone must stop while you turn the water on full blast.  If they move to get out of the path of the cold water, then they are out.  A variation of this is that you use the water hose to spray them directly when you yell for them to stop.

The summer is a great time to spend outside with your family.  Water-based games keep things fun and keep kids from overheating.

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